SRVO-038 SERVO Pulse mismatch

This error occurs if one or more axis had moved while the controller power was off.




Press F1, [TYPE]

Select Master/Cal – If “Master/Cal” is not in the list – select “Variables” – scroll to variable “MASTER_ENB” and set to “1”. Now press F1 and select “Master/Cal”

Press F3, [RES_PCA]

Select menus->system

Press F1[TYPE] Select variables

Cursor down to $DMR_GRP

Hit enter twice

Cursor to $master_done and set it to true

Press F1[TYPE] Select master/cal

Hit calibrate – You should see numbers generated on lower part of screen showing that the calibration worked. There should be no faults at the top of the screen. Verify that your positions are now good before running program