SRVO-023 Stop error excess – Temporary Fix

This fault is caused by a slipping brake and movement of the robot while it is supposed to be stopped. To temporarily prevent this fault until the motor can be changed, perform the following procedure.

How to disable the servo timeout if an axis consistently is dropping

  • [MENU]
  • [0] “Next”
  • “System”
  • [F1] “TYPE”
  • “Variables”
  • Scroll down through the alphabetical list to $PARAM_GROUP
  • [ENTER]
  • [ENTER]
  • Scroll till you find $SV_OFF_ENB
  • [ENTER]
  • Go through and change all “TRUE” values to [F5] “FALSE”
  • Power off the robot
  • Power up the robot in a cold start for the changes to take effect

This will disable all servo timeouts for this group.  To reenable, just choose [F4] for “TRUE”